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Trusted Technology

ecoTech Solutions presents proven, high-tech solutions for your unique business.  No client is the same and we believe each deserves the best solution for their needs.  Improving your bottom line is our bottom line.


Small steps. Big results.

Being part of something bigger than ourselves is a part of our humanity.  Putting this humanity to work in a way that pays all of us back . . . the moment fire ignites from within and passion is born.

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Active Solutions for your Business

When aligning technology and sustainability and business make sense for our high-tech world - our trusted partners show you how.  Let us bring our extensive knowledge and valuable solutions to the table.

What We Offer

Cleaning + Sanitizing Technologies


ecoTech Solutions is pleased to partner with industry leaders in GREEN cleaning and sanitizing.  PathoSans from Spraying Systems is the industry leader in ECA technology and we have found this to be a superior product.  PathoSans is a customizable solution with varied applications, giving our clients the opportunity to generate their own eco-friendly cleaners and sanitizers on-site, producing superior no-residue solutions which are easy to use.  

While this technology is not new, it is vastly improved.  For many applications, PathoClean is by far the best cleaner available.  Better yet is the environmental impact and ease of use.

Let us SHOW you.  It's that simple.

Energy Solutions + Energy-Saving Products


ecoTech believes that practicing Sustainability isn't just about being a good corporate citizen - it often just makes good business sense.  Healthy energy practices brings value to our clients.

We partner with you to find the best solution for your individualized needs.  Our partnerships with industry leaders enables us to leverage relationships for your benefit to offer you the products you need combining value and sustainability.

Sustainable well-being and enduring value . . . that's a winning solution. 

Value-Added Products + Solutions


Things people need.  Direct pricing.  This segment has grown from customers asking trusted partners for solutions with their needs.  While some of this products may not fit within the "Sustainability" mantra, they simply fit within the umbrella of leveraging our relationships to serve our customer's needs.  Helping you be successful.

We  have products to serve needs in Hospitality, Institutional & Office Procurement, Energy & Water Saving Fixtures & Equipment, Ozone Laundry & more to come!

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Emerging Technologies

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The landscape of Sustainability changes daily and ecoTech Solutions strives to be a leader in learning and education in this field.  We seek to discover new and emerging technologies and to partner with those who prove viable to our clients.  In the future we hope to partner on  joint-venture projects as we see opportunity and demonstrated need.  If you or your company would be interested in partnering with ecoTech Solutions - we welcome the conversation.  Reach out to us at or 307.363.6372

What's New!


We're expanding:  East & West Coast presence gives us Nationwide coverage!  ecoTech is pleased to welcome an industry leader in Sustainability, Janet Romano.  Janet is joining us as our new Vice President of Business Development.  Her focus will be on growing our footprint, and adding her extensive knowledge and resources to our company.


We are delighted to announce that San Marcos CISD (TX) has expanded their use of PathoSans through our TIPS-USA contract and we are installing additional units in 5 more locations!  San Marcos CISD has a dedicated mission to be a cutting-edge GREEN district!  THANK YOU, San Marcos CISD for your faith in ecoTech Solutions as we partner to make your world better.

Consulting, Testing + Training


Richard Branson said  "It's all about finding and hiring people smarter than you. Getting them to join your business. And giving them good work. Then getting out of their way. And trusting them. You have to get out of the way so YOU can focus on the bigger vision. That's important. And here's the main must make them see their work as a MISSION."  

Your Company specializes in what you do.  You're the Expert!  Let ecoTech Solutions help YOU focus on your bigger vision by doing what we do best: